John & Paul Barnett Memorial Offering


Paul Barnett was born June 27, 1954, to Mr. and Mrs. John Barnett of Bagdad. He graduated from Shelby County High School in 1972 and went on to get a degree from Georgetown College, majoring in history. He married the former Linda Harris and they had two children, Kent and Bradley. Paul died November 14, 1992. Paul became a Christian at Bagdad Baptist Church. In his short life Paul served at Bagdad Baptist and later at First Baptist in Shelbyville in many capacities including that of Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, with Royal Ambassadors, and as a Sunday School Superintendent. He also was active with the Shelby Baptist Association serving on the Personnel Committee, the Finance Committee, as Assistant Moderator, Moderator, and Parliamentarian. He also represented the SBA as Executive Board Member to the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  Reflecting in 1993 on Paul’s walk with the Lord, his wife, Linda, shared that Paul “always told me service in church-related activities should be done willingly and cheerfully, not from a feeling of guilt.” Paul believed it was important, as a Christian, to set a good example and he strived to do so in his daily walk. He was often seen as the “peacemaker” at meetings and it was his hope that people could put aside their personal feelings and work together toward glorifying God.

After Paul’s death it was decided to name the Annual Associational Offering after him in honor of the spirit of Christian service he exemplified. Paul’s father, John, a farmer and a U of K graduate was also active in Bagdad Baptist Church and also served as a Moderator for the SBA. After John died on June 23, 1999, it was decided to honor both generations by renaming the Associational Offering the “John and Paul Barnett Offering.”

The John and Paul Barnett Memorial Offering has been used to support various SBA ministries in the past.  These funds currently are used for to help with missions at Awake Ministries in Shelbyville, Kentucky Changers, and Disaster Relief.  The offering is also used to encourage members of SBA churches to engage in missions. This is primarily in the form of scholarships to individuals to help defray some of the costs of short-term mission trips. Individuals that go on short-term missions report that it changes both those individuals and the Church. It takes missions and the Great Commission out of the theoretical and into the practical and real. Let’s make that a reality for every church in the SBA by taking up a John and Paul Barnett Memorial Offering in your church.  As Paul Barnett would say, “Let us work together to glorify God.”

How is the John and Paul Barnett Memorial Offering be used? 

Our churches are asked to receive the John and Paul Barnett Memorial Offering during Associational Missions Week if possible. The allocations for May 2018 through April 2019 are:

  • 35% will be used as Mission Grants to help members of SBA churches offset some of the expense of a mission trip. We have seen these scholarship dollars be used to reach others for Jesus Christ and promote his Kingdom while gaining hands-on mission experience.

  • 25% will be used to assist Awake Ministries. This is a ministry that provides hope for men who desire treatment for addictions.

  • 25% will be used for Kentucky Changers.  Kentucky Changers provides quality home repair and maintenance services to the needy as an expression of Christian service. The work force is made up of teens and adults who experience an unmatched mission’s experience. The SBA will host one of three Changers events in 2019.

  • 15% will be used for Disaster Relief.


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